Cartier Odyssée

We were thrilled to be approached by Cartier to produce this short film for launching their super luxury 2013 series of Jewelries.

In the brief, we were asked to create five different universes to set off and showcase five pieces of jewelry respectively.

The design of the universes are inspired by the motifs of each jewelry, which are Africa, India, Islamic, retro western city and China.

Project Name: Cartier Odyssée

Client: Cartier
Agency: Mazarine
Production Company: Passion Paris

Design & production company: Mirari & Co

Director: Jimmy Yuan
Producer : Michelle Xie

Senior 3D generalist:
Andrew Sanderson , Wayne Osborne
Compositor/lighter: (Lead ) Wayne Osborne, Matt Grainger, Chris Norris
Modelling/animation : Zarvan Kotwal , Andrew Sanderson, Ben Ridgway (designer)
Ray Kristianto (initial frames)
Storyboard: Alexandre Belbari