HBO South Asia Rebrand

We were commissioned by HBO Asia to help rebrand their network in India. In the brief, we were required to create something bold, outstanding from
lots of competitor channels in the market, also keep the tone of HBO.

Our ideas for the idents are based on movie genres. We have designed four idents with the themes of action, romance, sci-fi and fantasy respectively,
which shows HBO’s content is varied that every one will find something he/she likes.

Project Name: HBO South Asia Rebrand
Client: HBO Asia

Design & Production company: Mirari&Co
Music: zelig sound
Creative Director: Jimmy Yuan
Producer: Michelle Xie
Modelling: Zarvan Kotwal, Andrew Sanderson
Animation: Andrew Sanderson, Zarvan Kotwal
VFX: Andrew Sanderson, Toufik Mekbel
Lighting: Andrew Sanderson
Compositing: Jimmy Yuan

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